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Two Legends That Will Live On FOREVER!

Two Legends That Will Live On FOREVER! Content

As we mourn the death of two legends, iconic movie stars and entertainment icons, we would like to say, Thank you for all your contributions, Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall.

Rest In Paradise


Yours truly, The Entire Swaag Team

The Secret Behind The Perfect Brows!

The Secret Behind The Perfect Brows! Content


Ladies, how to achieve the perfect brows has been a question many of you have been asking! Well, now we have answers! First you should know, it’s always better to take off too little than too much! The pencil line brows trend has came and went!  Second, you must know, there is no one look that is best for everyone, however, no matter what thickness, the shape of your brows must define the shape of your face!

Now lets begin:


1. Always trim before tweezing by brushing all hairs in the opposite direction.  This will help trim excess length without trimming too much! (Note: You won’t always have excess length, every time you go to shape your brows)

2. Back end, the back end of your brows, or shall we say, where your brow ends, should extend slightly past the outer eye. (emphasis on slightly)

3. Arch, the infamous arch! Where many mess up.  The arch should be directly below the highest point of your brow, at the peak!

4. Shaping, now here’s where it may get tricky.  Not everyone has thick eyebrows, some are thin and that is OK. Most of your shaping should be done below the eyebrow, the only time you should be shaping on top of the brow is to remove any excess hairs that are not apart of the brow line.

Stay tuned to see how to fill-in your brows to achieve a more fuller look! By the way, the model in the brow photograph is Chantel Jeffries. Check out her YouTube for more insight on her beauty tips!


Eyebrow enthusiast!

8 Things DESTROYING Your Skin!

8 Things DESTROYING Your Skin! Content

Take a look at these 8 Things that are most commonly DESTROYING Your Skin! If you want to look young and vibrant for a lot longer these are all very essential!

1. Caffeine- Too much caffeine dries out your skin and amplifies pimples! Substitute caffeine for water to achieve a more glowing and vibrant look!



2. Too Much Sodium- What happens to a snail when you put salt on him? He dries up and shrivels! Same thing will happen to your skin if you continue to eat a bunch of processed foods.  Instead, eat more fruits and veggies for a better skin texture!


3. Hair Products- Don’t clog your pores every time you spray hairspray! Gently cover your face to avoid anything from getting on your face that has no business there! Also recommended to wear a headband when at the gym to avoid and product from running down your face when sweating!


4. Hot Showers- In the long run make your skin dry and scaly! So, protect your self by using gentle cleansers while in the shower with lukewarm water instead!


5. Chlorine- I mean…why wouldn’t a highly toxic chemical do damage to your skin? Chlorine is also not washed away by water, so rinsing off may not cut it! Use tons of soap after the pool!


6. Skipping Meals- Trust me, your waistline won’t agree either! There are plenty of ways to loose weight without starvation or elongated hours of no food! Skipping meals leads to dry saggy skin as well as increased cellulite and stretch marks.


7. Not enough SLEEP!- Quality sleep is essential for skin restoration and cell turnover. No SLEEP=DARK CIRCLES, not to mention a dull appearance.


8. Sleeping with make-up on- Ladies, sleeping with your make up on once in a while, meaning once every 3 years, okay. But making this a habit may cause bacterial infections, clogged pores and acne.


Until next time!

xoXo “Swaag Team”

6 Must-Have Beauty Essentials In Your School Bag!

6 Must-Have Beauty Essentials In Your School Bag! Content

Whether you’re headed back to school or just constantly on-the-go we’ve got you covered with this season’s best! 1. Lip crayons 2. Brow Pencil 3. Travel Size perfume 4. Elf Make-up Remover Pen 5. NARS Travel Size Brush Set 6. Nail Polish! Now you have all the pencils, crayons and finger paint you need!

Until next time,

xoXo The entire “Swaag-Team”

#WCW Top 5 Celebrity Looks This Week!

#WCW Top 5 Celebrity Looks This Week! Content


Shay Mitchell, summer’s very own, looks elegant in her Tropical Print. Lorde and Rihanna embrace the changing weather and opt out of the straight hair and go for beachy waves. Lastly, Megan Fox and Miranda Kerr went for a softer and warmer summer look with light cheek and lip tints! Well done ladies! Happy #WomanCrushWednesday #WCW !


Top 5 Women’s Apps For Your Smartphone!

Top 5 Women’s Apps For Your Smartphone! Content

1. All Women Stalk-  for your daily scoop of Fabulous! From Celebrity Gossip, hair and make-up how to’s, relationship advice and more! This app gives you a variety of 26 different blogs and believe it or not they all have pictures!


2. Nike Training Club- The app features cardio, core, strength, balance, and flexibility exercises, workout videos, a training schedule, and even allows you to create your own workouts.


3. Cab4me- The perfect app for late bar nights with no designated driver! The application uses your GPS location to find the nearest cab companies with available car types and payment methods. Talk about the quicker way home.


4. Style Book- The virtual closet app allows you to manage everything from your favorite outfits to your sizes and style inspirations by taking pictures of your items and uploading them.


5. Period Diary- Not everyone is so good with keeping track of their cycles! Save yourself the embarrassment and download the app. Check your expected dates, enter notes and even see when your ovulating!



These apps are all free! Now you have all you need if you’re ever stranded on a deserted island, with your smartphone that is!

Until next time,

xoXo, Mobile App Enthusiast














6 Uses For Vaseline We Bet You Didn’t Know!

6 Uses For Vaseline We Bet You Didn’t Know! Content

While your Vaseline collects dust for Winter here are some new uses that will change your life!

1. Prevents lipstick on teeth!

2. Apply to eyebrows to hold hairs in place

3. Once a week, mix Vaseline with some sugar to create a scrub for your lips.


4. Add a penny sized amount of Vaseline to any powder blush to make it a cream blush. It makes it last longer!

5. Use Vaseline right below the cap on nail polish bottles to keep from gluing shut!

6. Apply some Vaseline to the areas you spray your perfume to make the scent last longer!



xoXo, Vaseline Enthusiast


Is Beyoncé really ‘On The Run’ from Jay-Z?

Is Beyoncé really ‘On The Run’ from Jay-Z? Content

What are your thoughts surrounding the Bey-Z Rumors?

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Backstage And Audience

Beyoncé and Jay-Z, the guru’s of almost everything, may be headed for divorce.

So yes, Rest In Peace to the hope you thought you had! Sources imply that Beyoncé is spending a significant amount of time away from her Husband and taking matters into her own hands by shopping for her own apartment in NYC!

After missing their grand appearance at the Kardashian-West wedding these two have been non-stop in the headlines.

According to reports, Jay-Z was accused of wanting to attend a party with Rihanna without Beyoncé.  Now Jay-z, Beysus didn’t create the song ‘Party’ to stay away from them! No wonder Solange literally wanted a piece of you!

Serious inquiries came when Beysus changed some of the lyrics while on tour with Jay this summer.  Her song “Resentment” originally wrote, “been riding you for 6 years,” and was changed to, “been riding you for 12 years.”  Some serious “Resentment” Bey?

Lastly, the final nail in the coffin when the tattoo of the “IV” on her ring finger, symbolizing Jay-Z’s birthday and their wedding date was reportedly lasered off!

Now, why would a tattoo come off, lyrics be changed and a reported apartment in NYC be up for discussion if things weren’t spiraling out of control for what seemed to be America’s hottest couple!

I guess Jay-Z isn’t so “Crazy in Love” after all.

If the World’s most alluring woman can’t keep a man than who can? If Beyoncé isn’t woman enough than who is?

It is rumored that the couple has marriage counselors on tour with them.  This is just another reinforcement ladies, babies don’t save marriages and beauty may not keep him from rolling around in another bed!

Beysus we wish you the best of luck.

Comment below your thoughts on the tabloids and the rumors surrounding the billion dollar couple below.

xoXo Swaag Team