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6 Ways to Find Peace in the midst of crazy Mommy days!

6 Ways to Find Peace in the midst of crazy Mommy days! Content


Crazy Mommy Days aren’t only when your child is newborn.  These days will come and go from time to time! And in the midst of it all You NEED to find Your center!  Whenever one of these days happen to fall on you, try one of these 6 ways to find peace in the midst of your crazy mommy day!

1. TAKE A LONG HOT BATH – one of the best things you can do for your body and soul.  Look up some bath salts and create your own! This encourages you to get up and have a new start to a hectic day.

2. LET LOOSE – sometimes Mommy days get hectic because your stuck on a schedule or timer.  Just have fun, young kids can’t tell time anyway.  Take your children to something they will enjoy like swimming or the park! It will put some ease in your day to know they are happy, relaxed and having fun.  Plus it will give you some time to catch up on that new read!

3. STEP AWAY- sometimes a mental break is all we ever really need.  If your feeling flustered or frustrated because the day is packed with everything but peace and quiet.  Take 5 minutes to yourself, go on Facebook, read a blog, wash dishes or prepare a snack.

4. LIGHT A CANDLE- Dimming the lights and lighting a candle can create a serene and relaxed setting for you and your little one.  Eventually they might end up falling asleep.  If not, the aroma and calming atmosphere will help you collect your thoughts and regather. If you have small children, look into wax burners or other alternatives.

5. CALL AN OLD FRIEND- Calling a friend definitely takes your mind off the task at hand.  Even a 5 minute conversation about how someone’s life is can make your life seem a little less hectic. You can also vent and have a shoulder to cry on or even laugh about an inside joke only you two get!

6. REMIND YOURSELF: THIS TOO SHALL PASS- Each stage of parenting presents its own challenges.  Whether your children are in their twos or you have a house full of teens, nothing last forever.

These are just a few options of how to find peace in the midst of crazy mommy days.  Let us know how you find your peace! We wanna know your secret!


Best Beauty Looks from the VMA’s 2014

Best Beauty Looks from the VMA’s 2014 Content


Behind the scenes!

Your Skin Care Regimen is Missing This Essential Product!

Your Skin Care Regimen is Missing This Essential Product! Content

Almond Oil is potentially replacing the highly renowned Coconut Oil.

Research proves Almond Oil to be equally as impressive as Coconut Oil with even more benefits and more cost effective! This is definitely a MUST-HAVE for your skin care regime!


There is nothing almond oil can’t do! Almond Oil is antioxidant rich, high in vitamin E, fat and protein content along with containing many essential nutrients. The daily usage of this wonderful home ingredient can treat many ailments and treats various beauty and hair issues.



1. FOR SKINdark-circle-treatment

  • Improve the complexion and retaining glow
  • Moisturize better and deeper
  • Soothe skin irritation and skin inflammation
  • Relieve dry and irritated skin
  • Nourish skin, making it softer and smoother
  • Cures chapped lips and body rashes.
  • Gets rid of dark circles under the eyes!


Almond oil effectively opens the pores and ensures all makeup is properly removed. Moreover, it averts the odds of acne and pimple occurrence and can be used for all skin types.


For soft and pink lips, a simple way is to use almond oil. Make your own natural lip balm by mixing almond oil and some honey. Store the mixture in an empty container and use it on the lips whenever they feel dry.


Almond oil is a rich source of magnesium which is used in a variety of hair products. Deficiency of magnesium can result in heavy hair fall. Apply almond oil once or twice a week to moisturize the scalp. This reduces hair fall nd improves hair quality. After massaging, soak a towel in hot water and wrap your hair with it. This ensures better absorption of the oil.



You can simply use an old mascara wand, dip it in the almond oil and apply the oil on the eyelashes just like applying mascara. Repeat it a few times and ensure that all the eyelashes are covered in oil. You can do this simple recipe before sleeping or whenever you have some leisure time to get natural fuller eyelashes.


To get healthy and strong nails, massage them with a few drops of almond oil. The potassium and zinc content leaves the nails stronger and more hydrated, making them less prone to peeling or breakage.


Almond oil is known to boost immunity and regular consumptions makes the body stronger to fight common infections. It also proves to be an effective laxative and aids digestion.


Almond oil has a high potassium content and low sodium content that helps regulate blood pressure and maintains cholesterol levels. This prevents development of and cardiac related issues.

This Just In: Demi Lovato’s Luxurious Hair WITHOUT any HEAT!

This Just In: Demi Lovato’s Luxurious Hair WITHOUT any HEAT! Content

sev-demi-lovato-vmas-deAll Summer YOU thrived for these long luxurious curls! However, very few can obtain the look without frequent damage to the hair! After a while there’s not much that an overdose of coconut oil can fix! Once in a while its OK to use the flat iron but for the other 364 days of the year lets try something NEW!


Let us know what you think about one of our favorite Vloggers, Carli Bybel!

Until Next Time,

xOxo Glorious Hair Guru

You Wouldn’t Believe The Many Ways You Could be using Nail Polish!

You Wouldn’t Believe The Many Ways You Could be using Nail Polish! Content

edad9a9f89b439406d098aa6af8cf023Ladies, check out these DIY uses for Nail Polish you would have NEVER thought to try!


So now that you have amassed a gigantic collection of nail polish and you’ve painted your toes almost every color there is! Check out these extraordinary and convenient uses for both clear and colored nail polishes!



Black is one of the easiest to use on covering up car nicks because it doesn’t have so many varying shades. If you do decide to use another color be sure to test it out first!


You can paint over your every day costume jewelry with some clear nail polish to give it an immaculate finish or protect the jewelry from every day wear and tear! You can also use colored nail polish to re-paint over those faux jewels that you have had for a while instead of giving them away! Now its like you have all new costume pieces! It also prevents that nasty green ring you get after wearing costume rings repeatedly!



Especially when you have a bunch of invitations to send out for your Best-friend’s wedding! You don’t want to spend all day licking envelopes. Plus, licking envelopes is gross. With just a small dab of clear nail polish you’ll never lick another envelope! Also, if your concerned with wear and tear, you can put some clear nail polish over the ship to address to prevent smearing!


Top 10 Most Annoying Feelings in the World next to your foot falling asleep is an aggravating bug bite that just won’t stop itching! Place a penny sized amount of clear nail polish in the center of the bite and wala! Now that itch is gone!



Another fun and quirky thing to do with nail polish is to customize your gadgets and accessories.  You can customize almost anything with nail polish! You can use it to detail your wine glasses, decorate your phone, cases, charger, bobby pins and hair clips or even the handle on the paddle brush you use everyday! Spice it up, decorate your cat or dogs feeding dish! They deserve glam too!



Before you start! Make sure you have the exact color you need to blend with the shoe! This is the safest trick in the book for fixing any nicks or scuffs you have on those boots or leather oxfords you’ve worn all fall and still desperately need for winter!


Until Next Time!

xOxo, Your Nail Polish Enthusiast

5 CREATIVE Jewelry Storage Ideas!

5 CREATIVE Jewelry Storage Ideas! Content


CREATIVE and FUN Jewelry Storage Ideas

Ladies! Check out these QUICK and EASY Jewelry storage ideas! Most of you already have these items laying around the house, now it’s time to put them to use! Look what we did here!

-xOxo The Entire Swaag Team



1. If you don’t already have one, grab an ice tray from your local dollar store and use it to store your extensive collection of rings, pins and earrings! Store the ice tray in your drawer or somewhere accessible besides the freezer!


2. Try placing your bracelets and bangles on a stand-up paper towel holder! You wouldn’t believe how many bracelets fit on one of these! It’s a cute visual way to store jewelry, especially if you’re one of those girls who loveeeee to try on a bunch of outfits! You can look at see exactly where and which bracelet you would like to wear opposed to other types of storage!


3. A towel rack with or without shower hooks, one of the best ways to store different jewelry pieces from bracelets to necklaces to anklets and so much more! You can honestly hang it anywhere, the pieces are so accessible and again a visual way of getting ready! Hang it in your closet so you can choose your outfit and jewelry within steps of one another!


4. Wine bottles always make for great Decor! Never thought you would keep old wine bottles after college, well here’s an idea! Use wine bottles to store your jewelry in the same way you would use the paper towel holder! For bracelets and bangles! But even more fun, you don’t have to just use the wine bottles as they are! Spray paint them, dip them in glitter, you know, the WORKS!

5. This one you’ll loveeee! For all your small trinket necklaces or anklets and bracelets! Use cards to file them in a safe place! Just insert 2, 1/2 inch angle slits on the top of each card and walla! Store the cards in a shoe box or small drawer! Save yourself the hassle of untangling and find a second use for those cards that you probably use only once a year!


Comment below some DIY things you do at home and we’ll share more of ours!

Until next time!

xoXo, The Jewelry Box Guru

6 Accessories Sure To Drive Him CRAZY!

6 Accessories Sure To Drive Him CRAZY! Content

883807729_899Believe it or not, Men Love A Woman Who Accessorizes! Check out these 7 Accessories Sure To Make Him Drool!



Bring out your edgy side and his warrior side! The arm cuff hacks into a mans natural instincts and gives him the confidence that he can capture you no matter what!


2. DAGGER EARRINGS DaggerEarring_edWeb_1024x1024

Like the arm cuff! Men love things that are simply put, neat and edgy.  These dagger earrings are perfectly symmetrical and balanced! Sure to attract a man, after all men love balance opposed to chaos!



3. SEXY BODY CHAINS Rihanna-Body-Chain-Necklace-at-the-Beach

Not only does the body chain take off a few inches from the waistline but it draws attention directly to the center of your body in all the right places! To a man, your a damsel in distress who is looking to be freed from your own shackles! How Ris-kayyy!



4. CHUNKY RINGSocq69z31

Chunky rings draw immediate attention to your gentle and dainty lady fingers! While it accessorizes a more traditional outfit, it tells a man that your not afraid of risk and your willing to explore and try the unconventional!




Just like the chunky rings or the arm cuff, a chunky cuff on the lower arm draws attention to your dainty lady features and makes them appear so delicate.




6. DAINTY NECKLACE OR PENDANT 10464_luminous_diamond_pendant_top

You can never fail with a small and cute pendant around your neck! It draws attention to a feature men love the most! Your collar bones! Flirt without saying a word!




xOxo, A Note From Your Jewelry Box <3

12 Intriguing Make Up Techniques Nobody Told You About!

12 Intriguing Make Up Techniques Nobody Told You About! Content

celebrity-makeup-tips-and-tricksFrom Yours truly, take a look at these amazing make-up hacks we’ve found to be essential for EVERY woman! Quick beauty tips to make getting ready even easier!

- The Entire Swaag Team




1. Conceal dark circles and puffy eyes the right way

by creating a triangle with your cover-up.

2. Turn a pencil eyeliner into a gel formula with the help of a match or lighter. (Hold your eyeliner pencil under the flame for literally 1 second, and let it cool for about 12 seconds. Finally glide on your newly gel eyeliner for a smudgy more bold look!)

3. Hit your eyelash curler with a hair dryer to heat it up, so your lashes curl easier.

4. Use a spoon to create the perfect winged liner. (Holding the stem of a spoon against the outer hbz-06-makeup-hacks-de-xlcorner of your eye, draw the straight line as the first step for your cat eye. Then, flip the spoon so it’s hugging your eyelid, and use the rounded outer edge to create a perfectly curved winged effect.)

5. Draw your cat eye first, and then fill in the open space for a perfect winged liner application every single time. (As seen)

6. Use that same spoon to avoid mascara marks on your upper eye lid. (Hold the spoon so it’s hugging your eyelid, and then apply your mascara. As you sweep the mascara wand against your lashes and back of the spoon, watch as the residue coats the back of the spoon rather than your skin.)

7. Draw a slanted hash-tag at the outer corner of your eye, and then blend it for an instantly hbz-13-makeup-hacks-new-de-xlsmoky effect. (Blend using the other end of the liner or a blending square.)

8. Apply eyelash glue to false lashes with the tip of a clean bobby pin.

hbz-07-makeup-hacks-de-md9. Mix loose pigments with a salve or petroleum jelly to make your own custom lip gloss.

10. Perfect your cupid’s bow by drawing an “X” on your upper lip first as a guideline.

11. For long-lasting lip color, put on your lipstick, lay a tissue over your mouth, and then dust translucent powder over it to set the color. (Believe it or not, this really holds lip stick for hours so disregard staining your lips with a lip stain!)

12. Blot your face in a pinch with a clean toilet seat cover. (Both blotting papers and toilet seat covers are made out of similar fabrics and will help soak up excess oil on your skin. So, if you’re in a pinch and headed to the bathroom to freshen up anyway, grab one of these covers and pat it over your skin to decrease any excess oil on your face.) *Toilet seat covers are mostly found in public restrooms*

Chic Hair Hacks EVERY Girl Should Try!

Chic Hair Hacks EVERY Girl Should Try! Content

Hope you enjoy these chic hair hacks! Comment below any hair hacks you might have!


Your Hair Enthusiast!

Why Wearing Lipstick Benefits YOU!

Why Wearing Lipstick Benefits YOU! Content


1. Boost in your confidence,you always feel sexier with lipstick on ladies!

2. Sun protection,Your lips are the most vulnerable to the sun because they don’t contain any melanin, which is essential in sun protection.  Lipstick provides protection against sun rays while keeping your lips moist!

3. For a more fullerlook apply lipstick.  The pop of color on your lips enhances not only those voluptuous peckers but it also enhances your eyes as well!

4. Posture, studies have show that women who wear lipstick regularly have a better posture! A study by L’Oreal proved that stretching to put your lipstick on improves balance and coordination!

5. Swiping on lipstick is the quickest and easiestway to look and feel put together, opposed to the process of putting on eyeliner, mascara and foundation! Less time getting ready in the morning is always appreciated!