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Get The Celebrity Trick To Looking Good While Working Out

Get The Celebrity Trick To Looking Good While Working Out Content


Gym Look: The Sophisticated Ponytail

When you are going to the gym, you are going to exercise, but there is still no reason why you can’t look great. Besides, you never know who you’re going to see at the gym or which cute guy might ask for your number, so looking basic is just not an option. While many girls choose to just throw their hair up and into a simple ponytail, you are looking for something better. Wearing a sophisticated ponytail will not only keep the hair out of your eyes, but will have you looking gorgeous both during and after your workout. A sophisticated ponytail is easy to do as well.
Prepare Your Hair and Gather Needed Materials
To begin with, you should start with clean hair and be sure that it is free of any styling products;. You will, however, want your hair to be dry when you’re working on it. Be sure to have a hair elastic, a curling iron, a Bump It, some bobby pins, a rat tail comb and a can of hairspray as all of these things are important when creating the look. Once you have all of these things on hand, you can start working on your sophisticated ponytail.
How to Do It
The first thing you will want to do is to section your hair into two sections. Create a horizontal part just above your ears. Use a clip to keep the bottom section of your hair out of the way. You will first want to start by teasing the underneath part of the top section of hair. You will want to use the rat tail comb for this part. Once you have it teased and volumized, you can spray the under part of the hair with hairspray. Then, place the Bump It in your hair and comb the top section of hair over the Bump It to hide it. After it is no longer visible, spray the top section of hair with hairspray. You can then unclip the bottom section of hair and combine the top and bottom sections of hair into a ponytail. Once you have, you will want to take one inch sections of hair and begin curling them. After the sections are curled, apply hairspray to hold the curl. Do this until all of your ponytail is loose, flowing curls. Apply a bit more hairspray and a flower hairclip if you wish to and you’re ready to go.
A sophisticated pony tail is a great way for you to keep your hair out of your face when you are working out and will look gorgeous, even after your workout. There is no need for you to look basic or boring while you’re at the gym. This hairstyle is easy for you to create, does not require many products at al, doesn’t take much time to do and will look just as great after a workout as it did before. The next time you are going to work out, try this hairstyle and watch the heads turn.

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