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This Will Totally Transform Your Face!

This Will Totally Transform Your Face! Content



Ladies achieving the perfect brows will definitely help shape your face and make your eyes pop! Cleaning up your eyebrows is good at any age! We guarantee you’ll be overwhelmed with compliments and it will save you a few bucks every few weeks if you learn to shape yourself!

1. Start with a bare face or “bare brow”

2. Brush all the hair into place by brushing upward and outward.

3. Use your tweezers to remove any stray hairs that are not apart of the hair line. (To see which hair don’t belong, use your mascara wand to brush ALL of the hairs upward.)

4. Now, use a small cosmetic scissor to TRIM any long hairs. (Again, brush hairs upward and then downward ONLY trimming what goes past the hair line.)

5. With an eyebrow pencil or even a lighter color eyeliner, line the top and bottom of your brows.

6. Using a dark pigmented brow shadow (make sure its not shimmery if your using eyeshadow instead of brow shadow) fill in between the lines. From one end to the other. Be sure to lighten up once you get closer to the beginning of your brow!

7. With concealer or a highlighter stick line directly under the brow for more definition! You can use your finger to smear in the concealer if its too much. 

Now your brows should be perfect and you’ll need little to no eye makeup!

You asked, we delivered!


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