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Why Wearing Lipstick Benefits YOU!

Why Wearing Lipstick Benefits YOU! Content


1. Boost in your confidence,you always feel sexier with lipstick on ladies!

2. Sun protection,Your lips are the most vulnerable to the sun because they don’t contain any melanin, which is essential in sun protection.  Lipstick provides protection against sun rays while keeping your lips moist!

3. For a more fullerlook apply lipstick.  The pop of color on your lips enhances not only those voluptuous peckers but it also enhances your eyes as well!

4. Posture, studies have show that women who wear lipstick regularly have a better posture! A study by L’Oreal proved that stretching to put your lipstick on improves balance and coordination!

5. Swiping on lipstick is the quickest and easiestway to look and feel put together, opposed to the process of putting on eyeliner, mascara and foundation! Less time getting ready in the morning is always appreciated!


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