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Top 5 Women’s Apps For Your Smartphone!

Top 5 Women’s Apps For Your Smartphone! Content

1. All Women Stalk-  for your daily scoop of Fabulous! From Celebrity Gossip, hair and make-up how to’s, relationship advice and more! This app gives you a variety of 26 different blogs and believe it or not they all have pictures!


2. Nike Training Club- The app features cardio, core, strength, balance, and flexibility exercises, workout videos, a training schedule, and even allows you to create your own workouts.


3. Cab4me- The perfect app for late bar nights with no designated driver! The application uses your GPS location to find the nearest cab companies with available car types and payment methods. Talk about the quicker way home.


4. Style Book- The virtual closet app allows you to manage everything from your favorite outfits to your sizes and style inspirations by taking pictures of your items and uploading them.


5. Period Diary- Not everyone is so good with keeping track of their cycles! Save yourself the embarrassment and download the app. Check your expected dates, enter notes and even see when your ovulating!



These apps are all free! Now you have all you need if you’re ever stranded on a deserted island, with your smartphone that is!

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