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The Secret Behind The Perfect Brows!

The Secret Behind The Perfect Brows! Content


Ladies, how to achieve the perfect brows has been a question many of you have been asking! Well, now we have answers! First you should know, it’s always better to take off too little than too much! The pencil line brows trend has came and went!  Second, you must know, there is no one look that is best for everyone, however, no matter what thickness, the shape of your brows must define the shape of your face!

Now lets begin:


1. Always trim before tweezing by brushing all hairs in the opposite direction.  This will help trim excess length without trimming too much! (Note: You won’t always have excess length, every time you go to shape your brows)

2. Back end, the back end of your brows, or shall we say, where your brow ends, should extend slightly past the outer eye. (emphasis on slightly)

3. Arch, the infamous arch! Where many mess up.  The arch should be directly below the highest point of your brow, at the peak!

4. Shaping, now here’s where it may get tricky.  Not everyone has thick eyebrows, some are thin and that is OK. Most of your shaping should be done below the eyebrow, the only time you should be shaping on top of the brow is to remove any excess hairs that are not apart of the brow line.

Stay tuned to see how to fill-in your brows to achieve a more fuller look! By the way, the model in the brow photograph is Chantel Jeffries. Check out her YouTube for more insight on her beauty tips!


Eyebrow enthusiast!

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