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Let Us Teach You How To Contour Like a Pro!

Let Us Teach You How To Contour Like a Pro! Content


1. Start off by highlighting your zone areas. Use a foundation 2 tones lighter than your skin and two tones darker than your skin. With lighter foundation: use as highlighter on bridge of nose, under the eye and extend all the way out to top of cheek bone, right below the eyebrow arch, your chin area and center of forehead closest to eyebrows.

2. With darker foundation: use as the contour, the sides of the nose for slimming effect, the tip of the nose in a v shape for a shorter look and the underside of your cheek bone (as shown) to strengthen bone structure.

3. Finish contouring with the darker foundation by contouring one inch above the temple and across the hairline to shorten the forehead, also around the jawline to add definition and slim the face.

4. Now with a soft foundation brush, BLEND!


If you have any questions or would like a How to: for any makeup trend please comment below and we will be happy to share some interesting finds with you!



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