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8 Things DESTROYING Your Skin!

8 Things DESTROYING Your Skin! Content

Take a look at these 8 Things that are most commonly DESTROYING Your Skin! If you want to look young and vibrant for a lot longer these are all very essential!

1. Caffeine- Too much caffeine dries out your skin and amplifies pimples! Substitute caffeine for water to achieve a more glowing and vibrant look!



2. Too Much Sodium- What happens to a snail when you put salt on him? He dries up and shrivels! Same thing will happen to your skin if you continue to eat a bunch of processed foods.  Instead, eat more fruits and veggies for a better skin texture!


3. Hair Products- Don’t clog your pores every time you spray hairspray! Gently cover your face to avoid anything from getting on your face that has no business there! Also recommended to wear a headband when at the gym to avoid and product from running down your face when sweating!


4. Hot Showers- In the long run make your skin dry and scaly! So, protect your self by using gentle cleansers while in the shower with lukewarm water instead!


5. Chlorine- I mean…why wouldn’t a highly toxic chemical do damage to your skin? Chlorine is also not washed away by water, so rinsing off may not cut it! Use tons of soap after the pool!


6. Skipping Meals- Trust me, your waistline won’t agree either! There are plenty of ways to loose weight without starvation or elongated hours of no food! Skipping meals leads to dry saggy skin as well as increased cellulite and stretch marks.


7. Not enough SLEEP!- Quality sleep is essential for skin restoration and cell turnover. No SLEEP=DARK CIRCLES, not to mention a dull appearance.


8. Sleeping with make-up on- Ladies, sleeping with your make up on once in a while, meaning once every 3 years, okay. But making this a habit may cause bacterial infections, clogged pores and acne.


Until next time!

xoXo “Swaag Team”

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