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Is Beyoncé really ‘On The Run’ from Jay-Z?

Is Beyoncé really ‘On The Run’ from Jay-Z? Content

What are your thoughts surrounding the Bey-Z Rumors?

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Beyoncé and Jay-Z, the guru’s of almost everything, may be headed for divorce.

So yes, Rest In Peace to the hope you thought you had! Sources imply that Beyoncé is spending a significant amount of time away from her Husband and taking matters into her own hands by shopping for her own apartment in NYC!

After missing their grand appearance at the Kardashian-West wedding these two have been non-stop in the headlines.

According to reports, Jay-Z was accused of wanting to attend a party with Rihanna without Beyoncé.  Now Jay-z, Beysus didn’t create the song ‘Party’ to stay away from them! No wonder Solange literally wanted a piece of you!

Serious inquiries came when Beysus changed some of the lyrics while on tour with Jay this summer.  Her song “Resentment” originally wrote, “been riding you for 6 years,” and was changed to, “been riding you for 12 years.”  Some serious “Resentment” Bey?

Lastly, the final nail in the coffin when the tattoo of the “IV” on her ring finger, symbolizing Jay-Z’s birthday and their wedding date was reportedly lasered off!

Now, why would a tattoo come off, lyrics be changed and a reported apartment in NYC be up for discussion if things weren’t spiraling out of control for what seemed to be America’s hottest couple!

I guess Jay-Z isn’t so “Crazy in Love” after all.

If the World’s most alluring woman can’t keep a man than who can? If Beyoncé isn’t woman enough than who is?

It is rumored that the couple has marriage counselors on tour with them.  This is just another reinforcement ladies, babies don’t save marriages and beauty may not keep him from rolling around in another bed!

Beysus we wish you the best of luck.

Comment below your thoughts on the tabloids and the rumors surrounding the billion dollar couple below.

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