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6 Accessories Sure To Drive Him CRAZY!

6 Accessories Sure To Drive Him CRAZY! Content

883807729_899Believe it or not, Men Love A Woman Who Accessorizes! Check out these 7 Accessories Sure To Make Him Drool!



Bring out your edgy side and his warrior side! The arm cuff hacks into a mans natural instincts and gives him the confidence that he can capture you no matter what!


2. DAGGER EARRINGS DaggerEarring_edWeb_1024x1024

Like the arm cuff! Men love things that are simply put, neat and edgy.  These dagger earrings are perfectly symmetrical and balanced! Sure to attract a man, after all men love balance opposed to chaos!



3. SEXY BODY CHAINS Rihanna-Body-Chain-Necklace-at-the-Beach

Not only does the body chain take off a few inches from the waistline but it draws attention directly to the center of your body in all the right places! To a man, your a damsel in distress who is looking to be freed from your own shackles! How Ris-kayyy!



4. CHUNKY RINGSocq69z31

Chunky rings draw immediate attention to your gentle and dainty lady fingers! While it accessorizes a more traditional outfit, it tells a man that your not afraid of risk and your willing to explore and try the unconventional!




Just like the chunky rings or the arm cuff, a chunky cuff on the lower arm draws attention to your dainty lady features and makes them appear so delicate.




6. DAINTY NECKLACE OR PENDANT 10464_luminous_diamond_pendant_top

You can never fail with a small and cute pendant around your neck! It draws attention to a feature men love the most! Your collar bones! Flirt without saying a word!




xOxo, A Note From Your Jewelry Box <3

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