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5 CREATIVE Jewelry Storage Ideas!

5 CREATIVE Jewelry Storage Ideas! Content


CREATIVE and FUN Jewelry Storage Ideas

Ladies! Check out these QUICK and EASY Jewelry storage ideas! Most of you already have these items laying around the house, now it’s time to put them to use! Look what we did here!

-xOxo The Entire Swaag Team



1. If you don’t already have one, grab an ice tray from your local dollar store and use it to store your extensive collection of rings, pins and earrings! Store the ice tray in your drawer or somewhere accessible besides the freezer!


2. Try placing your bracelets and bangles on a stand-up paper towel holder! You wouldn’t believe how many bracelets fit on one of these! It’s a cute visual way to store jewelry, especially if you’re one of those girls who loveeeee to try on a bunch of outfits! You can look at see exactly where and which bracelet you would like to wear opposed to other types of storage!


3. A towel rack with or without shower hooks, one of the best ways to store different jewelry pieces from bracelets to necklaces to anklets and so much more! You can honestly hang it anywhere, the pieces are so accessible and again a visual way of getting ready! Hang it in your closet so you can choose your outfit and jewelry within steps of one another!


4. Wine bottles always make for great Decor! Never thought you would keep old wine bottles after college, well here’s an idea! Use wine bottles to store your jewelry in the same way you would use the paper towel holder! For bracelets and bangles! But even more fun, you don’t have to just use the wine bottles as they are! Spray paint them, dip them in glitter, you know, the WORKS!

5. This one you’ll loveeee! For all your small trinket necklaces or anklets and bracelets! Use cards to file them in a safe place! Just insert 2, 1/2 inch angle slits on the top of each card and walla! Store the cards in a shoe box or small drawer! Save yourself the hassle of untangling and find a second use for those cards that you probably use only once a year!


Comment below some DIY things you do at home and we’ll share more of ours!

Until next time!

xoXo, The Jewelry Box Guru

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